Update on DAERA Business Plan amounts to nothing short of environmental failure

Alliance Environment spokesperson John Blair MLA has said a business plan update from the Department of Agriculture, Environment and Rural Affairs (DAERA) amounts to nothing short of “environmental failure”.

Speaking after the update, which was presented to the AERA Committee today, the South Antrim MLA said the report was a catalogue of failures.

“Included in this list of shortcomings is the publication of the first overarching environment strategy for Northern Ireland. The report stated in the absence of Executive approval, it will not be possible to publish the final strategy after March 31,” said Mr Blair

“This shortcoming is further compounded by delivery failure on forestation targets, green growth collaboration between departments and yet further delay on the long awaited marine plan. It appears the DUP Minister, in final few weeks of the Assembly, has been more preoccupied by creating drama and disruption, than achieving targets outlined in his Department’s business plan.”

“The failure to deliver the green growth strategy, which was in early stages of relatively new strategy, and the publication of a climate action plan are also casualties of a distracted Minister who has failed to deliver on the issues people are really concerned about.

“I have requested an urgent update from the Minister and incoming Permanent Secretary on these failings.”

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