Time to thank PSNI for efforts during crisis, says Blair

It is time to thank the PSNI for their efforts in policing during the coronavirus crisis, Alliance Policing Board representative John Blair MLA has said.

Mr Blair said the recent numbers of deaths related to COVID-19 announced by the Department of Health were a stark reminder of the depth of the pandemic and its affect on everyday life.

“We are seeing every day the pressures placed on the frontline services, particularly the first responders. There has been much public discussion over the PSNI’s implementation of lockdown regulations but after a month, it is time to thank them and acknowledge their response to the crisis.

“I have written to the Chief Constable to thank the PSNI for their efforts across Northern Ireland in policing this huge change in our lives, managing the public response to it and its expectations, and for the firm but reassuring public messages from the police across the region during it, all the while doing their ‘regular’ job of dealing with crime, including a rise in domestic violence.

“The recent announcements of the increase in deaths here due to coronavirus is a reminder not to be complacent. It is time for people to give thanks to the PSNI for their efforts throughout this crisis but also for them to remain aware of the risks which remain if they do not follow the Government guidance.”

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