Nearly 80% back ban on hunting with dogs in Northern Ireland

Following an eight-week public consultation, which received 18,425 responses, analysis shows there is an overwhelming support for an outright ban on hunting with dogs in Northern Ireland.

The consultation was carried out on proposals being brought forward by John Blair MLA, to introduce a Private Member’s Bill to implement a ban on the hunting of wild mammals, including deer, foxes, rabbits, hares and mink with dogs; to ban trail hunting; to place limits on flushing with dogs and to ban ‘terrier work’.

The results of the consultation by the Alliance Party found 78.16% of respondents were in favour of the proposed law protecting wild animals from being killed by dogs.

With 18,425 responses to their survey, it may be the largest response ever to a Private Member’s Bill in Northern Ireland.

John Blair MLA said the response to his consultation has been “phenomenal” and hopes the legislation will also ensure that “loopholes” can not easily be found.

See more – Consultation Summary.

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