Latest stunt is another failed strategy from the Minister, says Blair

Alliance MLA John Blair has said this latest stunt by Edwin Poots in halting border checks at midnight is yet another “failed strategy” from a Minister trying to cling on to credibility.

Mr Blair was speaking after the Minister made the announcement on Wednesday night.

He added: “What Minister Poots seems to have forgotten is that he has a legal obligation to carry out these checks. These wrecking tactics have been countered time and time again by department officials as the DUP make these threats.

“And possibly like most people, I am exhausted by this constant nonsense from the Minister – who has tried and failed already in his quest to put party politics ahead of due process in evading his legal responsibilities.

“The DUP’s addiction to disruption is now clear for all to see and enough is enough. Alliance remains committed to delivering for everyone in our community, with today’s focus on directly challenging the climate crisis – as can be seen through our significant re-shaping of the Minister’s own bill.

“I have requested an urgent meeting with the Permanent Secretary of DAERA, as all that is currently being achieved is creating more uncertainty at a time when the exact opposite is needed.”

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