Blair questions PSNI over loyalist paramilitary threat

Alliance MLA John Blair has questioned the PSNI over on-going loyalist paramilitary activity he has described as “threatening and destructive”.

Speaking during this week’s Policing Board meeting, John asked if the PSNI were involved in or aware of any reassessment of the threat such criminals pose to national security and the safety of our community.

He added: “We still have a way to go to rid our society of the scourge of paramilitarism and recent reports of a sinister nature are extremely worrying.

“A perceived increase in high profile activities of loyalist paramilitaries – in some cases with arrests being made – signals we are entering worrying times. Yet we can all come together to deliver better for everyone in Northern Ireland.

“I made a point of raising this at the Policing Board as it is crucial the PSNI is across the detail of these threats, reassessing them as these loyalist paramilitaries become more active, either to national security or to communities and the safety of everyone caught up in the cycle.

“I will continue to push this issue with the Policing Board to ensure we do all we can to rid our streets of those who assume control.”

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