Blair pledges Alliance support for dealing with climate emergency

Alliance South Antrim Westminster candidate John Blair has pledged his party’s commitment to dealing with the climate emergency.

Mr Blair was speaking as global political leaders met in Madrid for the COP25 meeting on climate change, with the aim for countries to increase commitments to cut emissions.

“There is no doubt the climate emergency is not only UK-wide but worldwide, therefore we need an international collaborative approach to tackling it. That’s why the UK is better remaining within the EU, to help mitigate the impact in a joined-up way.
“Only days ago, we saw young people in Belfast and many other cities take to the streets to lead the campaign to force immediate action from governments on every continent. That follows the work of groups such as Extinction Rebellion in highlighting this global issue. They are all demanding better from their elected representatives, who have the power to save our planet.

“Now, we need those elected representatives to respond. Not only to climate change, but to climate justice, as there is a massive divide between those who live in the developed world and those in under-developed countries.

“Alliance has committed in our manifesto if elected to Westminster we will support a global climate change fund to help poorer countries mitigate the negative impacts of climate change and also seek the formation of a Department for Climate and Natural Resources to lead the fight to save our planet. As the most radical local party on climate change, we would bring forward legislation to make the UK carbon neutral by 2030, and calling a UK-wide climate emergency, while looking to establish a citizens’ assembly to work with the Government to achieve these goals.
“The young people of the world have challenged politicians to save the planet for future generations. I and my Alliance colleagues are working hard to accept that challenge.”

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