Blair: New recruitment campaign aiming for inclusive force

Alliance Policing Board member John Blair has backed a new PSNI student officer recruitment campaign, aimed at creating a more inclusive force.


The South Antrim MLA said as the PSNI marks its 20th anniversary, it was vital it continues to reflect within its ranks the community it serves and represents.


He added: “I’m delighted to see this recruitment campaign get underway and would urge those, from all backgrounds, interested in a career in policing, improving our community and keeping people safe to express interest and apply.


“I particularly welcome the fact that Police, in the public information campaign associated with this recruitment, express the need to build a diverse and inclusive workforce that is representative of all communities in Northern Ireland.


“Alliance support for policing and the rule of law has never been conditional, I wholeheartedly support the latest recruitment, the efforts to address the need for inclusion and representativeness and I trust that all political representatives will endorse this campaign publicly and by urging all those with an interest in a career in policing, helping their community and keeping people safe to engage and apply.”

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