Blair condemns those behind Fermanagh explosive device

Alliance Policing Board member John Blair MLA has condemned those behind an explosive device which detonated in Co Fermanagh earlier today.

The PSNI said a number of officers were lucky to not be killed or injured when the device went off in Wattle Bridge, close to Newtownbutler. A warning had been received and a hoax device found on Sunday, however, during a follow-up search of the area, a bomb went off.

“I am thankful officers and members of the public were not seriously injured or worse by this device,” said Mr Blair.

“We could easily be looking a serious tragedy here today, with officers and ATO being deliberately lured to the area in an attempt to murder them. That is nothing other than an outrageous attack that must be condemned in the strongest possible terms.

“People want to get on with their lives and leave these dark echoes of the past behind. Those behind this bomb have nothing positive to offer the community and need to leave the stage entirely.

“If anyone has any information on this incident, I urge them to pass it to police immediately, so the perpetrators can be apprehended immediately.”

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